About views on Tik Tok


It’s no secret that a popular blog brings real money to its owner. It is difficult for a newcomer to reach such heights quickly. So now let’s talk about how to wind up views in tik tok?

Why are views in tik tok necessary?

It is difficult to bring a new account to the TOP rating. Regular activity on the page from subscribers stimulates the platform’s algorithms to promote the post to the popular rating. Let’s take a closer look at the methods and options for promotion, more on views on tiktok.

Useless ways

Here are the most common mistakes beginners make:

Cheat only one point out of all.
Desire to save money. Yes, bots are cheaper, but what’s the use of them if you still have to pay for likes and comments separately.
Ways that work
Regular posting of good content.
High quality picture.
Correctly selected background.
Tags and description.
Completed profile and more.
Program functions

Where to begin

You need to start from the beginning. More details on how — written below.

Filling out and setting up an account

This is an important block in the formation of user ratings and trust. No one is interested in impersonal accounts, so you need to come up with an original nickname, choose an avatar (when registering on the network through other accounts, the data is automatically pulled up, including the avatar).

Use hashtags

What is a hashtag? It is an identification beacon for those users who have similar interests with the author and his content. The tag is matched to the video, and not written at random.


Shoot original video clips

If the account has just been registered, it will be advisable to get acquainted with the videos of popular TikTokers.

The post should evoke a lively emotion in the viewer. Tedious philosophical 60 second posts are unlikely to evoke a response in the hearts of teenagers.

Original video

The right music

You cannot upload video without high-quality music. Tiktok has a rich music library where you can choose the right hit for your video.

Post videos regularly

The ideal solution would be to pre-schedule the posting. A popular blog is a quality work, attention and a waste of time and effort on promotion.

Communication with the audience

Each comment must be answered. This shows the subscribers that their activity is important to the author, and he monitors the quality of the blog. It is useful to arrange polls for other users. This will allow you to determine the relevance of new ideas before publication.

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