The criminal defense lawyer in Greeley


Do I need attorneys greeley co?

As practice shows, one of the most demanded specialists in the labor market is a professional lawyer who specializes in and understands the intricacies of criminal and criminal procedure legislation.
Answer the question «Why a lawyer specifically in criminal cases?» — it is very simple because it is no secret that freedom is what we value so much the professionals of the law firm will help you resolve all problematic issues related to the jurisdiction of criminal and criminal procedure legislation.

Lawyer services in criminal cases/proceedings

Our greeley co criminal defense attorneys provide services in two areas:
1) Representation of interests — an applicant, a victim, a witness, a civil claimant, a civil defendant.
Among others, in this block we provide the following services:
• Collection and analysis of information on the circumstances constituting the event of the criminal offense;
• Drawing up procedural documents;
• Accompanying the process of the applicant’s transition to the status of a victim;
• Appealing against actions/omissions of the investigator and/or prosecutor;
• Preparation of procedural documents and support of the process of attaching materials of a civil claim to the materials of criminal proceedings,
• Representation of interests of a civil defendant.
2) Protection of the interests of the suspect, accused, convict:
• Provision of legal assistance in the conduct of procedural actions, in which the suspect, the accused may or must be involved;
• Appeal against the rulings issued by the investigating judge, including rulings on the choice of a preventive measure;
• Appeal against decisions made by the court in all instances;
• Protecting the interests of convicted persons in the process of the enforcement service, of enforcement actions on confiscation.
In everyday life, there are also many issues that the family law attorney greeley will help to solve: divorce, division of spouses’ property, establishment, and recovery of alimony, permission to travel abroad, deprivation of parental rights, etc.

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